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What does the audit entail?

Our Strategic Advisor Overview is an all-inclusive audit package for your recruitment business, designed to help you identify and overcome growth obstacles. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your financials, tech stack, operations, strategy, and people management to pinpoint bottlenecks that are holding you back. 

We then guide you in streamlining your technology stack, eliminating unnecessary investments, and maximizing the efficiency of your chosen products.

We also focus on enhancing your team's performance by assessing your processes and making sure they're supported by a reliable technology stack.

With our personalized advice, you'll be able to fine-tune your recruitment processes, enabling your business to scale efficiently and thrive.

Disciplined, Data-Driven, Personalised Assessment To Achieve Efficiency


Gain insights into your financial health by reviewing key performance indicators, analyzing cash flow, and identifying areas for improved profitability and cost management to ensure sustainable growth.

Tech Stack

Evaluate your current technology stack to optimize efficiency, eliminate redundant tools, and maximize the value of your chosen solutions, aligning them with your business goals for seamless integration.


Assess your operational processes, pinpointing inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and receive tailored recommendations to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and drive business growth.


Examine your business strategy to ensure alignment with market trends and long-term objectives & identify opportunities for improvement to provide actionable guidance for strategic decision-making.

People Management

Evaluate your talent acquisition and team performance strategies, focusing on skills development to foster a high-performing, motivated workforce that drives your business forward.


Analyze your marketing strategies, channels, and campaigns to identify areas of improvement, optimize ROI, and strengthen your brand's presence, ensuring targeted and effective messaging that resonates with your audience and drives business growth.

Leverage Data Driven Strategies And Grow Your Business With Confidence


Alex Rawlings

Founder @Raw Selection

''I think of my firm as ahead of most firms tech and process-wise, but clearly a ton for us still to action. 100% worth doing and we have made a number of positive changes, thank you very much for your help.''

Nathan Adams

Founder @BDL Recruitment

''Charlotte gave an amazing insight into the business, changes we need to make to streamline and improve what we do. If anyone is looking for a new set of eyes on their business, I cannot recommend it enough. ''

Ryan Jones

Founder @Jacob Ross Talent Solutions

''One of the biggest impacting consultations we have had was Charlotte's audit. This resulted in significant cost savings for our business and clear (almost instant) positive ROI off the new tech we now use. ''

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Charlotte Doherty Strategic Advisor

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