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At Doherty Group Advisory, our expertise in Business Advisory and Audit services focuses on the unique needs of recruitment agencies. Our comprehensive approach addresses every performance aspect, enabling your organization to excel in today's competitive market and scale with confidence.

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About Us

Charlotte Doherty has been a driving force in the recruitment industry for 11 years, co-founding a thriving business with Dualta Doherty. With her extensive experience and innovative approach to recruitment business strategy, she now empowers other founders to scale growth-oriented agencies.


Strategic Advisor Audit

Our Strategic Advisor Overview is a meticulous audit package that examines every aspect of your recruitment business. We delve into your financials, tech stack, operations, strategy, marketing and people management to identify and resolve bottlenecks that may be hindering your growth.



Our Advisory service ensures that your recruitment business continues to grow and thrive after the initial audit. We work closely with you to provide personalized advice and guidance, enabling you to fine-tune your recruitment processes and scale efficiently.


Strategic Advisor Overview: The All-Inclusive Audit for Your Recruitment Business

Our Strategic Advisor Overview pinpoints growth barriers in your recruitment business by evaluating key aspects like financials, tech stack, and operations. We help optimize your technology and processes, providing tailored guidance to enable efficient scaling and enduring success.

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Advisory: Maintain Support, Scale with Confidence

Maximize your growth potential by implementing tailored solutions to streamline your recruitment business. Charlotte works closely with you to provide insightful analysis and open communication, ensuring you stay committed to your objectives while enhancing efficiency throughout your value chain on a consistent, monthly basis.

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