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Recruiters Mastermind

Save time, make more money, and scale efficiently. Build a self-sustaining business and make 7 figures consistently. Remove yourself from Operations with the help of VAs. Nail your value proposition and get more clients.

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Virtual Assistants Mastermind

Gain back 20+ hours a week by utilizing virtual assistants. This course will teach you why, where, and how to find the best VAs so that you can scale your recruitment business in a modern way in multiple areas - from admin to sourcing and marketing.

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Consultancy & Advisory

Tech Stack Audit

Get a bespoke audit on the current tech stack of your business and find the bottlenecks that put a dent in your growth efforts from a technology standpoint. 

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Operations Audit

Get a complete analysis of your operations and personalized advice on how to streamline your recruitment processes so that you scale efficiently.

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TA Strategy Audit

Get a focused audit on the business processes connected to each piece of the Talent Acquisition lifecycle & accompanying tech stack to identify its effectiveness.

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ATS Review

Get an in-depth insight from a multi-dimensional point of view into the most important aspects of your ATS and score it against your user needs as well as competitor products.

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Alumni Community

Continue being part of the Mastermind community to ensure you keep that connection with like-minded people and grow together while sharing advice, expanding your knowledge consistently, and nurturing a support system that will last a long time.

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Doherty Group Advisory

There are many aspects of a business that if left unchecked can affect or even hinder your growth potential, so our goal is to use meaningful analysis and constructive lines of communication to keep you committed to your goals and improve the efficiency in your value chain on a monthly basis.

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